Missing Sample error

I hope there's not already a thread for this - i did a search and scanned and did not see anything. Anyway - Ive been having spotty issues using samples - I imported several Mellotron wav files into a folder in the Library folder - and mapped them out across the keyboard - and suddenly this morning, the patch would not play. When i went to the osc section, the sample names were all in red and had "(Missing)" after them. I had not moved the samples or adjusted the patch - and when i went to load, i could go back to the folder and reload each one - - but clearly this is not a good solution. I have three copies of this patch and each lost where the samples were located. Other patches using other samples are OK - for now at least. This has happened randomly with different patches off and on.....am i putting the wav's in the wrong place or is there something else i can do to avoid this issue? Thanks all!


  • you uploaded it on right place ...

    few points about samples

    • if you load samples into Obsidian, they are used just as relative link, they are not saved with project until you don't make "ARCHIVE" in save menu (archive bundles into project all used samples except of FACTORY and IAP stuff
    • also in case you SAVE Obsidian patch, samples used in that patch are copied into patch - from that moment they are independent from their original location
    • in similiar way, samples used in Slate are linked with relative paths to their location, until you don't save whole SLATE bank (in that moment all used samples are bundled within bank, eg. they are copied from their location in library)..

    Now .. until samples are used just as relative links (eg. you did not saved obsidian patch, slate bank nor made "archive" of whole project) - if you move project to other directory, paths are not updated so they stop working .. quick fix is to move project back to directory where it was when you loaded those samples, perform "archive", reload archived project - now your samples are bundled with project and you can move project to any subdirectory ...

  • Thank you - now that i see this, that all makes perfect sense....

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