Combining or Merging Multiple Projects

I did a search and then went through all 29 pages on this forum but I have not found a way to do it.
Here is what I am trying to do:

I had a badass riff in my head and programmed it in NS2, it is so cool I made custom patches and recorded multiple tracks and a few drum kits for the beats. I configured all the effects per track and got good volume levels and balance in the mix window I then saved this 16 bar project as "Badass Riff1"

About a month later I was again inspired and wrote an 8 bar synth doom part with 6 tracks custom sound etc. and saved it as "SynthDoom"

About two months after that I wrote a pulsating drudge with 8 tracks of custom sounds etc. I Saved that as "PulsingDrudge"

It turns out I do this a lot

For this particular question I would like to "combine/Merge/join" "Badass Riff1" with ""SynthDoom" and "PulsingDrudge" all into one project arrange them, repeat them, add a bridge here and there then an outro.

Is this possible? If so how


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    Export the midi data in the Song composer, save effect chains in the mixer, save Obsidian / AU synth patches and Slate kits and load all of them in the target project. That’s unfortunately as close as you can get at the moment.

    The other way is to just do a mixdown of the other projects and play them back from a Slate or Obsidian in the main project.

    I would definitely like an import option too.

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    Oooof I guess I messed up. I was thinking I could just write chorus' verses
    Etc as individual projects as they came to me and combine them later ooops

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    in some way you can.. you can build your bank of midi sequences - always when you make some interesting melody, just save it as midi and then you can easily drag n drop it in any track in other project.. or you make interesting patch, or good FX track chain - save everything as presets.. thus way your librsry of snippets and elements will grow and you will then able to combine them in other projects..

    that's my way of working - i'm saving various snippets - midi loops or audio loops - and then, when i'm searching for inspiration, i'm browsing through this library... it's like using purchased midi/audio loops, just they are not made by someone else but by myself :)))

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