Very high midi note crashes NS2?

Before I start I'd just like to state that this is such a low priority, it's almost funny... It's almost an easter egg... Even more so when you check out the iPadOS s/w version (see end).

Using a midi AUv3 keyboard (specifically Velocity Keyboard in my case) I can crash NS2.

To replicate:
1. add Velocity Keyboard (VKB for the rest of this report) as a midi AUv3 on an Obsidian track
2. open VKB
3. set up VKB to show the Keyboard and max number of rows and columns (setting cog top right, 2nd setting Layout should be "Keyboard", 3rd setting Rows is 25, 4th Columns is 25)
4. go up two octaves in VKB (top left of VKB)
5. play some notes up at the top octave for a crash.

As a bonus, if you instead go up three octaves, it crashes at the second highest octave on screen, suggesting to me that the midi note message being sent by VKB might be either corrupted or invalid.

Who knows what the expected result was, perhaps notes so high that I could make dubstep for mice? The actual result is NS2 crashes.

Platform is an Ipad 5th gen, running 13.1.3 of iPadOS.
Yep - 13.1.3. It's enough to make me superstitious....

Anyway, about as low a priority as it could possibly be, since I really don't think this will cause many crashes out there in the real world, although perhaps some aggregators or sequencers might get there....

Ah, the joys of pointless boundary testing ;)

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