Midi CC data being dropped when recording.

Dense controller and pitch bend messages are being radically thinned when recording. I use a wind controller (Roland ae10) which puts out large amounts of CC2 and pitch bend. Obsidian responds perfectly in real time but when recording much of the data is being dropped, making the recording useless. I can draw data into the track even more densely than the controller and it’s fine. Auto quantize is turned off. This issue prevents me from using ns2 at all because there is no way to record for me. Please fix. Obsidian may the best synth for wind controllers out there. Its fantastic. If I could only record it! Thanks.


  • To illustrate, I recorded 2 quick mod wheel movements into ns and Cubasis simultaneously. Attached (I hope) are screen shots of what was recorded. You can see many more events in cubasis recording.

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