The LFO to filter with curve automated 😍

I can’t believe how good neuro basses sound with the lfo routed to the filter and then the curve routed to a knob to be automated. Small turns of the knob create such nice variation in synced filter cut off.

The more I play with Obsidian the more I’m blown away by it.

I can’t think of another sampler with this kind of automation for curve etc? I wish there was a vst version of this 😛


  • Indeed, while there are a few AU/VST plug-ins (and some DAWs) offer quite the same options it is so easy and nice to use in Obsidian.
    The whole modulation system within Obsidian is just brilliant.
    I also would pay 100 without thinking for just Obsidian as VST/AU.
    But yeah, some gems stay within iOS which is also O.K.

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