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Just purchased NS2 and need to ask about sample playback in SLATE.

I want to use SLATE as a playable instrument for mediatation sessions . I imported several of my own samples, all one shots into the first row of pads. The one shots I am using are long (1-2 minutes) mediation sounds like bowls and chimes.

I want to be able to start/stop playback of the sounds by tapping to start and then tapping again to stop them randomly to create layered sounds. I was hoping to be able to tap a sample pad to start the playback and then tap it again to stop the payback but I don't see any way to do that. When I tap the second time, it starts the sample playing again. Otherwise I cannot stop the payback until the whole long sample has played back.

The only way I seem to be able to get playback to start/stop before the entire sample has played is to use SUSTAIN mode, hold down the pad and release to stop.I don't want to have to hold down a bunch of pads at the same time, especially if I have 7-10 layered sounds playing at once.

Is there any way to let a one shot sample play and then stop the playback without having to hold it down and release? Maybe SLATE is not able to do what I wanted, but it would be helpful to know so I don't go crazy trying?

Thanks so much for your help!


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    @flominton You can use Groups (Pad ->Setup). Use one pad for your sample (A) and another one that’s empty (B). Set them to the same group. Set the group polyphony to 1. This way you can tap pad A to start the sample and tap pad B to stop it.

  • brilliant! will try that workaround! and THANK YOU for the quick reply :)

    I was also going to ask if there is documentation on how to route (if possible) each pad in SLATE to a different mixer track so I can adjust levels in live time. If you can tell me, that would be great or I can post another separate post.
    Most grateful!

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    so I can use the same EMPTY Pad in different GROUPS? Set MODE to oneshot when I set this up with the GROUP?

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    No, you need one stop pad for each group. Oneshot should be fine.

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