Need Help: Aaaaahhh. I moved my project file and it lost the drumkit sounds

Ack! I was cleaning up my folders and directories—so I moved my personal projects files into their own folder in File Browser. Alas, the Drum Kit that it uses, which I constructed my self using own recorded samples lost its connection to my projection.

Please help: how do I re-establish the links or paths between my User projects and User Audio/Drum Kit sounds?

How do I proactively prevent this from happening in the future?

Thanks for any help!


  • just move it back where it was when it was created, links will be fixed again

    then use "archive feature" - it bundles all files into project file.. after that, you can reopen this archived file and now you can move it to any subdirectory you want ..

    another option is save Slate bank -> when bank is saved, again all samples it uses are bundled into bank file, so again a fter that you can move project file where you want, becasue samples are already bundled inside Slate bank, they are safe.

  • Thanks, Dendy.

  • I DID discover that you can maintain the project file in its new location in the File Browser. Load that project that was moved, play it. If the sounds are not coming out (like in my case) —- I just go over and double tap my Slate track head which opens up the list of user/factory/IAP kits I then double tap my self made kit from the User list (I had saved that User drumkit earlier. E voila, the drumkit is loaded.

    UNFORTUNATELY, I made a mess, because I had made changes in my kit samples without re-saving the drumkit, it made a second instance of the drumkit and each sample had been appended with “-2” after the sample wav file name. It therefore was unable to play the sample because its Filename had changed. This necessitated me reloading each sample back in. And then re-saving the kit. It was a little messy but at least I know what was going on.

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