Editing Note Velocity To Zero Does Not Silence All Notes

Nanostudio 2, v2.1.0, iOS 13.3.1
Drum kit 'Slate Underworld'

  1. programmed a 4 bar drum part
  2. selected all the notes in the pattern
  3. reduced the note velocity of all notes to zero using scales function
  4. overall volume of drum sounds reduced but not silenced
  5. tried using 'offsets' function on individual notes, but still notes not silenced

I wanted to gradually bring up the volume of the drums from silent to full during the 4 bar part but could find no way to achieve this. Also tried automating the channel volume, but that cut out all the drums except the bass drum for some reason.

Feel this might be a bug.


  • The velocity setting doesn't go to zero, it stops at one, so you're not going to get a silent note that way. If you want zero volume, you can just delete those notes. But it's much easier to automate the channel fader, or if you want to still be able to adjust levels on channels easily, you can add a Stereo Gain effect on the channel and automate that.

    I'm not entirely sure what you mean by "offsets" function, can you be more specific?

    If you have set the channel volume to zero on a channel and you're still hearing something, the most logical explanation is that the sound is not coming from that channel. I would start by checking the VU meters on channels to see which one is producing the sound. Or muting them one by one.

  • Hi Stiksi, thanks for the reply.

    That the velocity only goes to 1 explains the problem. I simply wanted the sound of the drums to fade in over the length of the four bars. Got caught in 'debugging mode' after initially lowering all the velocities to the minimum (I assumed to be zero) and being surprised to still hear sound. Of course, the first note in the bar could start at a velocity of 1 and the others thereafter simply increase in value. As you wrote, having a note with a velocity of zero would be pointless anyway...the not being able to go to zero threw me.

    Thanks again!

  • No problem!

  • Don't forget to adjust the VEL knob on the pad's AMP page to get the maximum volume range from velocity settings. https://www.blipinteractive.co.uk/nanostudio2/user-manual/Slate.html#pad

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