Mozaic script for only playing highest note of chord (mono-R)

Years ago I owned a few Generalmusic / GEM keyboards and synths. These offered not only the possibility of mono and polyphonic tracks as usual, but also so-called mono-R and mono-L. The first one would only play the highest note (most right on the keyboard), the latter the lowest note (most left on the keyboard).
I used the mono-R setting a lot, because it made it possible to play a melody together with a chord of strings, just by playing a single chord. This is useful when you have just a single keyboard - like a digital piano. In the left hand you can play a bass, the right hand combines a chord with the lead sound for the melody.
I know that Yamaha CVP clavinovas can do the same (in fact, they do so automatically if you set the second right-hand voice to mono).
Using Bram Bos' Mozaic midi plugin I have developed a script that does the same. Please let me know if there is interest in this, then I'll post it here. For a demonstration, see

As a sidenote, I would like to have an option to disable the automatic mapping of the sustain pedal for certain tracks; because I noticed that Nanostudio does not send the midi info for the pedal to the Mozaic plugin, but instead handles it internally.


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