Slate Sample Length

I am attempting to use Slate as a sample playback instrument for live use (exactly the same as I used TRG-16 in Nanostudio 1). All of my sample pads seem to be controlled by the A-H-D envelope (Pad ->Amp) - this is causing my longer samples to fade out. How do I turn this envelope off and play the entire sample?


  • Nevermind...found it - Under Pad -> Amp set the D2 knob to "infinite".

  • @kip0992

    you can also switch from "one shot" to "sustain" in "trigger mode" selector in pad settings .. then it will play simply during note is sustaining .. i preffer this over "infinite" envelope becaue i see then visually in sequencer how long it play (and i can affect it by adjusting note length)

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