Will older iPads will work well?

I hope this is a new topic and not covered elsewhere - but I will be picking up a tablet so I can use NS2 - and I need to get a small tablet, as I will be using it during commutes - and was wondering if anyone knows how well last year's tablets will work? 2017 32GB iPads are under $300 now, but I would not want to get it and have the app struggle. On NS1, I'd routinely have 16 tracks going, sometimes with some complicated stuff (although not too many simultaneous notes) - and I'd at least want to be able to do that with NS2 on a year-old tablet...or am i asking for issues...in short, I'm curious to hear if anyone with a 2017 iPad is using NS2 - and I'm interested in hearing about either the 9.7" 'iPad" or smaller iPad Air.....


  • i have iPad AIR 1 (which have same cpu like Mini 2 - A7)

    demo track Set i Stone runs with medium buffer (5.8ms) and CPU load most of time around 34%, with ocassional spikes to 45 - 50%. No single one dropout, everything smooth and responsive (i mean UI)

  • ^ In case you need more reasurance, I believe the dev has been using an iPad Air 2 himself.

  • Yep. I did all my testing on an Air 1. Works a treat.

  • I have an iPad Air 1, and the only thing ive noticed so far is a tad of latency when I have other synths running in auv3. Not the notes/piano playing, but if I want to change some parameters on said synth.

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    yes, some AUs have laggy UI. .. from my experience one of best plugins are those made by Bram Bos, Ice Gear have also pretty great implementation of their plugins. Really rock solid UI, with great audio engine optimalization.

    If you have some significat issue with some plugin, it is goot to check it in other DAW if you have any (ideally 2-3), and in case that in other daws there is no such issue, just in NS, then it's good idea to report it here as BUG, so Matt can squash it.

    It if is carp also in other DAW's, best thing is report to plugin developer.

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