Feature requests, bug reports and forum



  • @dendy Hehe, thanks for the update.

    But it would help to just get some categories, you could then move topics there ;-)
    Maybe you can let him out of the basement for 5 minutes.

    Otherwise, let's wait.

  • Please let’s not forget that Matt is a one man band. He’s also got young kids. Anyone who has had the blessing of this experience (I have) knows full well that without being a complete and utter bastard, family alway should come first. Matt’s been locked away for 6 years making NS2. That is enough time to have done a PhD! So one most excellent PhD out the way. It always then takes time to write another paper, and get it peer reviewed by Apple. ;-)

    Yup. Waiting is best. :)

  • @tom_tm said:
    ...It always then takes time to write another paper, and get it peer reviewed by Apple. ;-)

    :lol: :lol: :lol:

  • @tja said:
    Can we please let the topics contains postings to the respective topic?
    This is not only "hygienic" but realy, realy helps to find stuff!
    It is required for a forum, IMHO.

    This topic is about "Feature requests, bug reports and forum" and how to handle them.
    It is NOT about some single instances of those points, better open own topics for that.

    Amen. Wish Vanilla allowed for some default text in the text box for certain posts only. In this case, we could add a note that said 'start a new thread, homie'. Or something. :)

    I will take care of getting the new categories added soon. Matt's not allowed out of the basement. He's lucky we gave him a toilet. I'm a volunteer so have extra patience pls.

    Will also try to split new requests/support requests from this thread into a new threads. We could just close this one down but would like to continue to allow for feedback on the OP.

  • Many thanks, @Will

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