Migrating projects from Nanostudio 1 to 2

I have some projects that were produced in Nanostudio - is it possible to migrate/import them into Nanostudio 2? The Project file structure looks different.


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    @dokoissho The app is a complete rewrite from NS1 so the project structure and synthesizer is quite different.

    You won't be able to load your projects from NS1. You can load TRG kits with some basic mapping, but I believe that's the only backwards compatibility right now.

  • Okay thanks - was just wondering.

  • In addition to TRG import, you can, of course, export the MIDI from your NS1 project and import that into NS2. You could also create samples of your Eden patches to recreate via Obsidian's sampler oscillator. Depending on the patch and how many notes you're using in the track, you might be able to get away with a single sample near the part's "center" note. Also, depending on Eden patch, you might sample the basic sound of the patch and then recreate the modulation and effects in Obsidian. That should also help to keep the number of samples required down.

    You can also mix down stems or loops in NS1 and import those onto Slate pads in NS2.

    So, not quite "NS1 project import" but not entirely lost in a black hole either!

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