Pitch bend on my Midi Controller Changes the Entire Pitch??

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I'm a new producer who's been interested in iOS music making, and I've recently picked up NanoStudio 2. My Arturia MicroLab recently arrived and I noticed while trying to record notes (using Obsidian) while using the pitch bend on the controller during different parts, after the whole recording would be finished and I'd listen to it, the entire sequence would be pitched shifted instead and not just the parts I used pitch bend on. Why is that?? I have no idea how to fix this. Is there a setting somewhere that I need to configure? In terms of a work around the only one I seem to have found is recording without any pitch bending, and adding it in later. But even then it still sounds a bit off sometimes. I've also tried to replicate this in GarageBand however it works perfectly, so it must be something in NanoStudio. Can someone help?

Note: If I use pitch bend using the touch screen interface of my iPad, the pitch bend is recorded correctly. It's only when I use pitch bend from my controller that the issue arises.


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    In case anyone has the same question, after pushing thru some procrastination on registering my controller and reading the online manual, I discovered my pitch bend was set to channel 1. So I changed it to the keyboard setting using the included software which appears to have solved the issue.

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