Can’t get track automation to do anything

Hi! New user (but have used Logic and Ableton), working on my first track and having a blast. Until I tried to add a fade-out at the end.

Track automation, of mixer volume and pan, at least, isn’t having any audible effect at all. I did it on the default master track first, then experimented with other tracks. Nothing. (But I did record some sick filter twiddling in Obsidian, so region automation is ok.)

What I do: I tap the automation button in the toolbar, then the desired track, then Volume or Pan. Then I draw a nice curve in the main area, extending over the ending few bars of the track, going from the default level down to the bottom (labeled something like -23dB.) Then I play my project. No fade-out. I’ve tried the same with Pan, squiggling the curve all over the track, and can’t hear any difference.

I’d swear there’s an “Enable Track Automation” checkbox somewhere that’s disabled, but I looked everywhere and couldn’t find one. What's going on?

(2019 iPad Pro 10”, iOS 14.2 dev beta, NanoStudio 2 was up to date as of a few days ago.)



  • It’s on the mixer strip, the ”R” button.

  • As so often happens, I’ve figured out the problem soon after asking about it. There is a magic “enable track automation” checkbox — it’s that almost-invisible disabled-looking “R” button above the track in the mixer view. I came across it in the manual during a closer reading.

    First — shouldn’t adding automation to a track turn this button on? It stands to reason that if I’m adding automation, I want to use it.

    Second — the button looks disabled, not off, which is why I ignored it earlier. If the track has automation, I’d expect the button to appear brighter but not lit up. (This is one of the drawbacks of making up your own controls...) Sorry if this sounds preachy. I’m a developer and have done UI design and implementation 🤓

    It could do with a more intuitive label than an “R”, too. Maybe the same “wiggly graph” icon that’s on the show-track-automation toolbar button?

    OK, griping over. I’m now back to being a super-happy NanoStudio user. 🧑🏻‍🎤🤘🏻

  • I agree it’s not ideal, it’s probably the number one hangup new users come across.

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