Disappearing cc data

This morning I opened a project and all the part automation for an entire track was just gone. It included cc1 and lots of cc2. I save a new copy of projects regularly and that same track is now missing the same data from the last 5 copies going back several days. This has been happening intermittently for awhile and I thought perhaps I was accidentally deleting. But this time I know it was there and saved because I was editing that data yesterday. and now it’s not there. What may cause it is splitting or merging parts with cc data. I just updated to iOS 14.0.1 today but like I said it was happening before this. Hopefully you have a suggestion. Losing all that work is heartbreaking.


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    That’s very odd. Were the automations in separate parts from the note data?
    Are you using linked parts?
    Are the automations there in a previous version? (Load project - bottom of the light grey area)

  • Data and notes together in same part. Got excited there about the linked parts. I have never used them - at least not intentionally. But I went back to one of saved copies with missing data looking for the link icon in any parts but not there. It looks like you can’t really link by accident. Even if the link button is enabled it won’t do it simply by tapping duplicate. You have to use the 2x 4x etc options under duplicate. And I never do that although I might now that I am aware of it. I think it has something to do with splitting parts with cc data in them and deleting pieces of the original and then rejoining what’s left. What’s odd is that the data does not go missing until you save and reopen the project. The notes are all intact btw, its just cc and pitch bend that gets lost. I am going to spend some time trying to duplicate it.

  • Ok, I’ll also see if I can reproduce this.

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    Confirmed, I’ll report this to Matt.

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