Pacem by Boomer

Written for my parents on their 50th wedding anniversary. Very traditional orchestral piece featuring the Obsidian Symphony Orchestra =) No samples. No external synths. Just out of the box Obsidian.


  • 50 years is an exceptional achievement but so is this track! That’s a lot of expression from one synth.

  • Thanks! I think Obsidian is hands down the best overall synth on IOS. Modulation control, efficiency, flexibility, user friendliness, everything. It’s only real limitation is a couple of obscure midi implementation issues in NS2 itself which have already been acknowledged and have workarounds for the most part. Have I mentioned that I really like Obsidian =)

  • Marvellous!

  • @boomer Excellent piece! Very detailed, like it ;) also agree on that Obsidian being one of the best synths on iOS I just wish for some wavetable packs.

  • edited December 2020

    I guess its one of those marriages with a blessing from above, pure joy, endless love and with children the royal family only could dream of.

    Thats what i'm getting from the music. Very nice! =)

  • Wow! Thank you all. Much appreciated.

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