How to two-way sync NanoStudio 2 data?

I have an iPad for use at home, where I do most of the work with Nanostudio. I have an iPhone, too, which I carry with me all the time. What I would love to have is to carry around on my iPhone a copy of everything which I had created with NS2 on the iPad, but without manually copying around single files. As I sometimes have some time and idea on the go, a sync the other way should be possible, too.

How can I achieve this? Is there some built-in cloud storage in NS2? This would be best, as it is fully automatic. Set it up once, then forget it.

If not, could I use the WebDav feature together with a file synchronization app? Like so:

I would mount the NS2 WebDav of both iDevices on my Mac and then start a file sync manually. Such a file sync (like rsync) determines the differences between a source & a destination directory, then copies every new or updated file to the destination, finally removing every file not present on source. At the end, the contents of both directories are identical.

So, when I leave home, I would sync from iPad to iPhone, when returning home & having changed something, I would sync back the changes from iPhone to iPad.

Apart from having to remember to do this every time and not confusing sync direction: would this approach work? Would it surely copy everything? Or could it break something?

Or is there yet another, maybe better suited, solution to my use case?


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    I haven't tried it, but you might check out Acrosync - claims to be rsync for iOS. The idea would be to keep a master copy of the NS2 folder on the Mac, then sync to it from one device, then sync from it to the other device.

    Just theory - not tested.

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    Here's my experiences with the sync:

    Figuring out the correct options for rsync took me a few attempts:

    rsync -n -rcv --no-whole-file --inplace --delete --exclude=".*" "$SOURCE" "$DEST"

    Warning: Do not use this command unless you completely understand it. You could easily accidentially delete any internal disk or attached drive of your computer.

    There's some peculiarities, like

    • some thumbnails getting (re)created with different random names,
    • I have a Sunrizer track on iPad which does not show in iPhone at all (where Sunrizer is not installed),
    • I have to load another project and go back, sometimes several times, until NS2 picks up the changes
    • the connection itself is quite shaky, e.g. on iDevice locks, the webdav server shuts down.

    And finally all recent changes from iPad show up on iPhone. I verified checksums for all files on both sides. I had to repeat the sync & reloads several times, but I'll probably get used to the corrrect steps in the right order soon :-).

    This can easily be reversed (iPhone -> iPad). I'm curious what would happen if I edited the project containing the Sunrizer track on iPhone (where this track is not showing, so changes must be to a different track) and then synced this back to iPhone. Will the sunrizer track reappear? Has anyone ever tried this?

    I originally misunderstood the Webdav feature of NS2, as I expected it to have a client and be able to store files on a webdav server. Would be way more comfortable and less dangerous than such a sync. But now I have 2way sync.

  • You could always archive and airdrop whole lot back and forth

  • @alexo said:
    Here's my experiences with the sync:

    Figuring out the correct options for rsync took me a few attempts:

    rsync -n -rcv --no-whole-file --inplace --delete --exclude=".*" "$SOURCE" "$DEST"

    This is interesting. Are running this from a desktop connected to two iDevices and syncing them directly? Like, $SOURCE is a mounted iphone and $DEST is a mounted ipad and the computer just runs the command?

    If so, neato. Also, I wonder if it would be less problematic to do it in four operations.

    1. iDevice A to computer folder
    2. iDevice B to same computer folder
    3. Computer to iDevice A
    4. Computer to iDevice B

    I do essentially the above with Beyond Compare which I happen to own for work. rsync is more my speed though. Plus, free is good!

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