Forum Idea Song Section (grouped by genre)

What do people think about starting a forum section for song sharing? What if we subdivided it by popular genres like hip hop dance ambient and rock? For purposes of collaboration =)


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    I definitely like the idea of a category for sharing stuff made with NS instead of a monster, phone-RAM-crushing mega thread. :sweat_smile: Reckon we can live genreless though, category wise.

    Perhaps the same category could house shared patches, slate kits, sub-panels, etc, as well.

  • Show me tha’ Gangsta Rap section!

  • Might be hard to collab without track freeze or audio tracks for stems? Unless everyone owns/uses the same plugins or keeps it pure ns2 to begin with.

    Or guess you could throw stems on Slate pads? Not ideal though.

  • Pure NS2 obviously B)

  • @LucidMusicInc said:
    Pure NS2 obviously B)

    Not sure I’d throw time at that right now personally but interested to listen to people link up. After freeze and audio tracks it’d be fun idea for sure.

  • @LucidMusicInc said:
    Pure NS2 obviously B)

    +1. There's just so much there there. Samples and AUv3 blow the potential into other dimensions, no doubt, but there's an awful lot of room for good times in our current dimension!

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