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Hi guys. Newbie here. I wonder how one quickly preview a part? I imagine there is a toggle somewhere in the part editor that lets me play only the current part but can’t seem to find one. I skimmed through the whole manual and couldn’t find anything on part playback. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.


  • The usual way to go about that is to play back the whole project, and just solo that track. You can quickly set the loop points to the part by selecting it and double-tapping Actions.

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    Yep. Also, you can use the top bar's Instrument Dropdown to set the solo/mute state of tracks without going into the mixer. You can access this from most of the app, including the part editor.

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    Or the mute and solo buttons in the left hand bar if the track height is sufficient.

  • What I did before was similar in spirit but what you suggested is faster. Thank you Will and number37. Cheers!

  • Also two shortcuts that might be useful: double-tap Action in Song view sets loop to selection, double-tap Action in Part Editor sets loop to the open part.

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