Feature request loop inside pattern (Resolved)

edited December 2018 in Support

When inside the pattern editor, piano roll, could we have the app default to loop inside the pattern? Otherwise another suggestion would be to have the rewind button rewind to the beginning of the part, in other words, rewind defaultts to bar 1 of the part rather than the loop marker of the song, useful for part editing


  • When you are inside part(*), tap Actions > Loop to Part and you're in :)

    (*) in NS this thing is capped "part" not "pattern" :-) / end of "naming convention nazzi" comment /

  • I’m reading the manual religiously... but @dendy, you are my personal saviour. Thank you!!!

  • Yeah, it took me a while to find that, but now I use that a lot... There are lots of little tricks and shortcuts to learn :)

  • The tips and tricks section of the manual is a goldmine for this kind of stuff.

  • Yeah, also the videos are good for this. Saw this tip in particular in one short video.

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