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I was trying to use an external midi track to send to two instances of Beathawk. My thought was I would set the midi filter on each Beathawk track to accept just notes for the 16 pads using the note min and note max setting, and transpose one of them so I would essentially get 32 pads. It seemed that the midi filters were not working for the internal midi being sent (both instances accepted all notes played from the External track's keyboard).

Can anyone help?


  • Could you explain a little further how your tracks are configured?

  • I have two AU tracks. I have one Slate track, each pad mapped accordingly (C3 up to G 5, I think). They are grouped. I tried having Slate send midi to parent. I also tried separately adding midi sends from Slate to both AU's return. In both cases the AUs recieve MIDI from Slate.

    In each AU's midi filter, I isolated the notes i want them to receive. in Egoist's case, I want them to receive C3-D#4. On one of the AU's I would then need to transpose down, I think 16 notes. However, the MIDI filter does not appear to block incoming MIDI outside of the range.

    Actually, I just tried it on an AU. Even if you set the MIDI filter to allow one single note (ie. C3-C3), midi still passes through from the in app Keyboard, and Slate. So that may be the problem. If I had a MIDI filter AU, I think it would work as a MIDI effect just fine. It seems like the routing of the midi through the input section is not as (I) expected.

  • @bcrichards I can confirm that I have the same issue. I would expect it to filter everything but the range I’m setting, but it passes everything.

  • The MIDI input filter is designed to apply to external MIDI inputs (eg. from a hardware controller), so you can can use it to get a split keyboard in the way you intend.

    I'd have to think about any repercussions if it were moved so it applied to all MIDI input. I didn't get time to add any internal MIDI effects (just support for external AU effects), so maybe this would be best handled by creating a new internal MIDI effect to do this job.

  • Oooooohkay. Thought it was a bug, but it’s by design.

    Yeah, it would be pretty useful. Example: You could send a single pad from one Slate to another slate on another channel. You can do that today, but everything goes, so you have to kind of dance around by leaving pads blank that you don’t want to have triggered.

  • Oooooohkay. Thought it was a bug, but it’s by design.

    Yep but I'm not saying it could be a shit design, it has been known! Seems like a new internal MIDI effect which works just like current external MIDI input filter could solve this (unless I'm overlooking the obvious).

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