NS2/Sustain Pedal Polarity


I notice that the sustain pedal connected to my Roland A-37 keyboard controller is working the wrong way round i.e. sustaining the sound when not pressed. It works correctly in all my other iPad music apps. I'm wondering is there a setting on NS2 that I can change so this can be fixed?

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    Sustain pedal support is currently not implemented in Nanostudio at all
    (most probably it will be added in some next update, but no ETA yet) .. so it is strange that it does something at all for you :)

    If you disconnect that pedal, it stops happening ?

  • Yes - just realised, having read other threads, that the pedal is not working at all. Like many others, I hope they fix this soon. Early days - no sweat!!

  • early days - no sweat!!


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