Building Kits in Slate

Hi Forum, I started creating my drum kits in Slate. Can’t find how to import multiple samplees from Audioshare. I guess there is a way?!


  • 1/ just make zip archive of all wav files and hen import this file - nanostudio unpacks this file into Library/Inbox/{zipfile name}/ directory

    from there you can move files or whole folder anywhere you want using NS internal files browser OR Apple Files app

    2/ use JUST files app (you just need have dropbox app installed)

    • run Files app
    • go to dropbox, switch to "Select" mode (right top button in Files app)
    • select files/directories you want download to NS
    • now - whith one finger tap and hold selection
    • during still holding files with one finger, tap on "done", navigate to Nanostudio where you want drop your files (on my ipad > nanostudio 2 > libeary for example)
    • release touch of first finger - it drops files to your active directory


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