Nanostudio 2 for Mayor!

Hi, I'm a late arrival in the forum, but an old school Nanostudio 1 user. Like many in here i anticipated the release of Nanostudio 2 for many months, continually checking the forum for updates and constantly refreshing the app store 'just in case'. I pre-ordered and then ended up downloading in the small hours of the night of release. I really think it's about time apple put Nanostudio 2 on it's 'featured' posts in the app store.

I am completely blown away by the new interface and sound engine. Absolutely splendid. I won't go on about any minor shortcomings in the interface as they have been addressed in other posts and i look forward to what Matt will be releasing in the way of updates. I have bought all of the sample packs to support his endeavors. When audio tracks are added i can safely say that most of my other apps will be left behind.

All i have to say is keep up the good work and same goes to all the forum members who have shared their music. When i complete a track i'll upload it in the appropriate discussion.

Nanostudio 2 for Mayor!!!


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