Thank you!

This is going to be a very random post but I just have to give credit where it’s due. Thank you @Blip Interactive ! Although I’ve only been using this app for a couple of days, I feel right at home. From the bright beautiful colors, to the SMOOTH arrangement...this app has changed my life. I have sold ALL of my music equipment (Maschine, midi keyboards, studio monitors, etc.) with confidence that NanoStudio 2 and my iPad is all that I need. Is this app! It’s not always about what you can see but sometimes what you can feel. I feel the amount of passion that went into this app and it translates over to what I create. I can ramble on about this DAW but I just needed to say this. @Blip Interactive you are the man! You’ve gained a loyal customer sir!


  • What mrwilson said!

  • Same 🙂👍

  • Much love to you Blip! Nanostudio was a revelation for me several years ago when I bought my first iphone (3G) and after playing with all these other exciting music applications through all these years, Nanostudio 2 is again a true revelation. Obsidian is only one part of the experience but it its hands down the greatest ios synthesizer I have used, even better than Twin 2 in Auria. I really enjoy your vision about audio tools: workflow is fast and efficient, tons of options for expressivity, tools for making sounds spacy and dynamic (alive).

    Slate kits were top notch to my taste. Obsidian will be endless source of aural exploration. Workflow is as cool as it ever was considering there are hundred times more options. Fx are good. I didn’t expect reverbs to be so good!
    Excited to see how audio tracks will be handled in Nanostudio. Cubasis does that pretty ok at the moment... But what I basically wanted to say is = Thank you! :)

  • +1000000 I have a suite of pro gear similar to the OP’s recently sold stuff collecting dust now. Could never get inspired on the iPad until this app. It always was something that didn’t quite click for me, and worst of all, if I ever got inspiration the other apps would crash shorty after 😩. Not a single crash with NS2 so far. Some AU’s have but that’s not Blip’s fault, they crash in any host. Anyways, thanks and I’ve bought all the IAP (which are 🔥) and will continue to in order to support your great work.

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