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Hi there
I've started my first track now. Sort of Techno goa........it's standard stuff - a bit Eat Static-y.
The Nano workflow is as easy as ever. It really seems to be one of the easiest tools around to make music if you ask me.

I am sure I'm not the first to have asked for this one ( in a stream of many requests I et !)

Down the line a beat match tool would be ace.....so you could just drop a loop in and it then can be played in time with the rest of the tune.

I'm just about to find a few breaks to put over my track and thought what's the easiest way here of doing this...............

I realise you can slice a loop up manually and drop it into Slate....but when you have a track on the go that's the last thing you want to start doing......it really interferes with the creative process.

On another note we should be grateful Matt got NS2 out in time for the Xmas holidays which gives us all a bit of time to make some choons. It's nice to have time off work to actually be creative......and potter (sorry to those who are working this Christmas!)


  • looking forward to your track ! I listened goa a lot few years ago, now i'm more into psytrance stuff but still sometimes listen to old good goa anthems !

  • My track is really more psy techno than goa..........but it has a throbby goa kick drum on it.......
    I always remember the dance floor clearing immediately when a cheesey goa tune came on suddenly in the middle of a banging acid techno set........so I keep that in mind when making music nowadays in my old age!

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    but goa still lives ! You just need search for proper audience :-) "neogoa" is sctually pretty popular subgenre nowadays, check for example this label for some inspiration:


    my favourite project released on that label is "goatree" - really deep dark track with great atmosphere ...

  • Ah great thanks Dendy...I’ll check it out.....you’ve got to give it to them in goa...they know how to layer stuff up and make things nice n atmospheric

  • I am also reeeeally enjoying the beginning of my NS2 fueled break right now. I am caught up well enough at work with no major dramas to obsesses about and family is hobbling along ok enough, so it looks like a little clear patch next week to just relax and be in awe of this amazing app and how magicaly new tunes just flow through it.

    As for the biz of beat matching. Yah, would be very nice to at least have an AU sampler with timestretch to tide us over for audio tracks (which I assume / hope will have timestretching...?). For now though I have done a few BM3 audio editing missions, about all I still use it for these days. This week though I will be bouncing bits to desktop, mashing and adding misc ingredients to then drop back on to slates.

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