MIDI file quick preview

Does anybody know a way to audition Midi files through the current track? I have loads of Midi patterns I’d like to browse through in context.

Separate app whatever, any ideas welcome.


  • Store them in AudioShare. It has a preview and very easy to load into any app!

  • @robertmc, There is an AU midi app called Photon that should be coming out soon. It’s a midi loop recorder / playback looper. It will be able to load midi files and play them back. I think this will do what you’re looking for. It’s by a reliable and responsive developer, the author of Quantum and MidiSequencer.

    I’ll be sure to post here when it has been released.

  • Thanks I have Audioshare and never would have thought of that!

    Re: Photon loading files is half the battle. Hopefully a way to advance the next/prev MIDI file will be possible. I look forward to it!

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