Project/Song View - Mute Solo Buttons gone

I know I am overlooking where to enable the mute and solo buttons on the individual lanes. Can someone help me figure out where to go to enable them.


  • If you pinch down the lanes page, those buttons disappear, ;)

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    individual lanes doesn't have own solo/mute buttons - they are just "shadow copies" of main track - you can solo/mute just whole track, OR selected part
    (hint - select part, double tap on "properties"and part switches to grey and it is muted now)

    lanes do have just "record" button - if you turn it on, recorded notes and automations are recorded to this lane instead of main track

  • I initially missed this NS1 feature but once you get used to using the Properties double tap shortcut to mute parts, it's all goodness.

    I've also used a muted 'MIDI instrument' track as a larger temporary graveyard for clips.

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