Slate macros or MIDI control of pitch and other parameters?

From what I can tell, pitch and other parameters of Slate are not MIDI mappable. And, it seems Slate does not have macros.

Is that correct? Am I missing something?

Many thanks!


  • That's correct. Think Slate macros are somewhere on the todo list but no idea what specific plans are, if any.

    For now, you can automate that stuff by loading the sample into an Obsidian.

  • Thanks Will.

  • This brings me back to my little wish since beta: "Slate -> Menu -> Copy Pad to New Obsidian Instance". So, in that moment when you're thinking "I wanna automate the pitch on this", there's a super fast non-brain-blocking way to get the sound moved and loaded into place where you can do that.

    It's not that it's hard to create a new Obsidian track, init the patch, change the OSC to a sampler, load the sample in question... but it is enough steps (in particular the file system searching for the sample) that it takes all 7oz of my mental fortitude to not lose the original idea.

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    Slate -> Menu -> Copy Pad to New Obsidian Instance


    This is pretty awesome idea and in case that new instance would be created as child track if Slate instance then it would be pretty usefull workaround for "chromatic pad playability" requested by some users

    No special UI required - this should be relative easy to implement but with significant impact on workflow - this is exactly that category of features "because of Nanostudio" :-)

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