iFretless Bass as AU

If I load IFretless Bass as an AU, I can’t record what I play using the playing surface. It looks like the MIDI is being ignored by NS2. I can hear the audio when using the playing surface, but no MIDI gets recorded. NS2's keyboard trigger the sounds and you can record that, but the main point of the IFretless apps is the playing surface. If I use IFretless standalone and output the MIDI to the AU loaded in NS2 the MIDI is recordable.
If I load it as an AU in GarageBand the MIDI does get recorded and played back as expected.
Am I missing something really obvious? This is the first time I’ve used AUs, so it could just be a newbie issue, but the fact that it just functions as you’d expect in GarageBand makes me think it’s either a bug or something not complete/supported.


  • You're not missing anything, unfortunately. Currently, the MIDI output from internally hosted AUs can not be captured. It's very much on Matt's radar though. Until it lands in the app, the work around you found (record from an external MIDI source) is the way to go about it.

  • Thanks for the clarification.

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