Old forum gone?!?

As it seems, the old forum is not just not reachable from the main page, it is completely gone!

I was reading a topic in another forum which referred to http://forums.blipinteractive.co.uk/node/11615

But bammm, nothing left.

I do not think that is was needed or a good decision.
The old forum was full of interesting information and data and I would have expected it just to go into read-only mode, but I never expected it would vanish totally.

Any chance to fix this?

The world is full of links into the old forum!!!
Why destroy that needlessly?



  • There’s a link to the wayback machine on one of the first threads on this forum, but unfortunately it hasn’t got all of the old forum, some is permanently lost. I feel your loss, I loved the old forum but I can also understand the reasoning behind shuttering it. For example, it wasn’t compliant with the new data protection laws and bringing it up to speed was not a trivial project. Also it was quite a lot of data and most of the external links were broken.

  • yeah, GPRS was one of main issues, there was trust of serious troubles for Matt. EU laws are often bitch. We had a lot discussions about this and and we were trying to save it but it turned to be too much complicated - tume consuming in first place...

    But we saved at least "ns1 songs thread" - i made parser who extracted all working yt/sc tracks links and is able to display them in nice sorted way - should we put it somewhere online, @Will ?

  • I’ll second dendy to that. GPRS was an old technology and now we all have 4G.

  • oo fook, did i wrote GPRS instead of GDPR ?? Epic :lol:

  • @Zupi said:
    I’ll second dendy to that. GPRS was an old technology and now we all have 4G.

    There was talk of porting it to Edge but in the end Bono nixed it.

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