Feature Request/Inquiry: Keyboard Support and Cross App file Drag and Drop

I am sure people here are sending tons of requests to add things that will make nanostudio work like their desktop DAWs, so I hate to add to the lot. Rather, I’m curious about the possibility of two iOS level functions and curious if they are very difficult to implement on an iOS DAW.

I’ve seen N-Track Studio Pro has iOS drag and drop enabled, which allows users to drag compatible files like wav, midi etc. into the daw. It immediately works with the files app and any other apps that have used the framework to implement the feature. In GarageBand, there is keyboard support which allows for hotkey/shortcuts like copy/paste, export and item selection, etc. I’ve only seen this in GarageBand on the music end, but its very common for video editing suites on iOS.

Both seem to be features that are more common iOS level features, however are they more difficult to apply to a DAW? I wonder why no other DAWs have jumped on those features....

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