Transferring NS1 projects to NS2

I've just found out NS2 is here, are there any viable ways of opening/transferring NS1 projects onto NS2?


  • It’s convoluted. You cannot directly import NS1 projects but you can export Trg-16 kits and import them into NS2 as you can the same with MIDI files. But synth patches and plugins in the mixer section, all that you have to do manually.

  • You can export midi from NS1, import it into NS2 and then recreate the Eden sounds in Obsidian. The Minimal Manimal demo track was originally done in NS1 and I did just that. It’s quite a bit of work because the knob positions aren’t a 100% match but it can be done and the result will sound a heck of a lot better because you can seriously upgrade the sounds while you’re recreating them.

  • You could also export samples of your Eden patches at various pitches close to the parts they play and then import them into Obsidian. Will not work for heavily modulated sounds (without a lot of sampling anyway) but might cover a lot of ground, depending on your original sounds.

    If you don't have access to a 32bit device any more, you can always run the desktop version of NS1. It's still available for download on the main site (see the NanoStudio 1 link at the very top of this page).

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