Macro mapping offset

Is it possible to add offset when mapping macro? Let's say sweet spot range of resonance is 50 to 60. I would like to make mapping so the knob value 0 would be resonance value 50 and knob value 100 - resonance 60. The multiplier would be 0.1 but how to add offset?



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    just set by default resonance to "50" and then set mod amount for macro to "50" too - and you're there :) Macro basically just adds ( or subtract if mod amount is set to negative value) from default value of knob ;)

    Multiplier is something different. It basically "scales" how much is some modulation slot applied relative to it's "mod amount" value.

    Lets say you set LFO > Filter Cuttoff modulation to "50" .. and now you want control AMOUNT of this modulation by macro knob - so you set macro as "multiplier" for that modulation slot with amount "100" - now macro and 0 == no LFO>Cutoff modulation, macro at 100 = full modulation what is set in that mod slot is applied (so 50 in this case)

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