SquareSynth 2 last update (1.1) doesn’t work in NanoStudio 2...

I was working on a project (almost finished, damn...) with SquareSynth 2 loaded as AU instrument. I open my project today and realize that SquareSynth 2 doesn’t work, it just won’t launch. I reinstalled it but it didn’t help, the problem remains. If someone has SquareSynth 2, could you confirm this issue please ? Thanks


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    hm so it did work before and after plugin update it stopped ?

    then i think safe bet would be report it to plugin dev, even if some NS change would be needed, he will know what exactly he changed in that last update som probably for him it would be lot faster to indentify reason and then eventually let know Matt...

  • @cyril update for SquareSynth just came out that said Fix for iPad Pro. So I updated and tested it as follows:

    1. Opened a new song and loaded up SquareSynth on a new channel and it works fine.

    2. I opened an existing song with SquareSynth and went to the track and see this:

    Reload did not work. So not quite sure what happened, but I think this is a problem with SquareSynth itself?

  • Have you tried making a new track in your existing project and loading squaresynth into that? If you have your squaresynth preset saved somewhere, you could just move the midi over to the new track.

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