[OT] And now for something (almost) completely different...

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Okay synth and lovers of all things techno... i guess you've all seen the countless YT videos of WC Olo garb? I too was blown away by the Blofeld Sound Trip video he did, and posted it absolutely everywhere. Now someone has made a YT documentary on Jexus. And part 2 was uploaded only 40 minutes ago. In the meantime, here's part one.


  • Straight off the press! Part two!

    Along with Jakob, Doug and Tim, this guy looks like he'll become my next Patreon!

  • And for all those who've never heard this.... This is really something! I always loved NanoStudio 1 because Eden essentially was a wavetable synth, and was the nearest that anything on iOS would ever come to my favourite ever digital polysynth, the Waldorf Blofeld.

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