Alias/Ghost parts (pattern sequencing)?


I don't own the app yet and just had a question re: sequencing which I couldn't tell from the videos

when you duplicate a part is it linked to the original (ie editing the original changes the duplicate as well) or do all duplicates exist separately?

I think Nanostudio 1 did have linked clips?

I mostly prefer pattern-based sequencing so this would be a must-have for me

great app anyway



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    sorry... should've looked harder to find the manual! I'll leave it here for anyone looking on search engines!

    Parts begin life by containing their own note or automation data, but when duplicated they can be made into linked parts. Linked parts share the same note and automation data with their linked counterparts.

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    @jmp909 :+1:

    hope you wouldn't mind that i edited your link and added there # part to point directly to section where this is mentioned :)

    btw. check also "cycled" mode (you can turn it on in "properties" tab). It's handy too.

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