How to setup external midi controller (knobs)

Hello I am new to NanoStudio 2 and I have a question. How can I sign the rotary knobs from my hardware controller to the software knobs?

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    Just go to mixer, doble tap on bottom track name and you're there.

    After you configure your mapings, you can save them as defaults for that particular instrument type (obsidian, slate, au instrument) by tapping at grey row with instrument name above [learn] buttons.

    Then, everytime you add new instrument of that type to project, it will be automatically mapped

  • Great !!! thank you very much it works

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    I wonder if anyone can confirm this issue Im having. Im setting up a Novation Circuit to control NS2 and its going really well. I think it might be the perfect controller for me but Im having a little problem saving the midi controller info for sends and also for volume. All the other knobs save fine. So it looks like the mixer and send midi settings are not saved or restored properly (or Im doing something wrong duh)

    Can someone check the following
    Connect midi controller
    Learn the mixer volume control for an Obsidian instrument
    Save the midi profile
    Save the Obsidian patch
    Save the project
    Restart NS2 and see if the mixer volume midi information is still there


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