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What is the easiest way to get audio files into the track manager.? I can’t seem to get anything from my library into my track rack .I see it in the sub folder I named but cannot load it. I can also hear the samples that I imported.Is there anyway to do this? I’m sure this has been answered,Thanks in advance.!


  • Hello @d___2 & welcome to the forum!

    Are you trying to load audio clips into Slate or audio samples into Obsidian?
    I’m not sure what the “track manager” is. Is there a reference to that in the manual?

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    I think @d___2 means audio tracks ...

    This is not available yet, it's in todo list later this year after iPhone version.

    For now, as @SlapHappy said, you can load audio into Slate pads or into Obsidian sampler oscillator and trigger them by notes.

    With obsidian you can use also some advanced tricks using.sample offset automation and get sort of "fake timestretch" effect - see Tips & Tricks section of this forum.

    Hope this helps.

  • That’s my issue, I have the audio samples in my library , but they won’t load into anything.. it says no patch when I’m in obsidian. I loaded it into slate , but it won’t record. I know I’m missing a very simple step. If someone wouldn’t mind screenshotting this process or giving more specifics I’d appreciate it. Btw, the samples are in correct and acceptable format. Thanks

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    @d___2 said:
    That’s my issue, I have the audio samples in my library , but they won’t load into anything..

    Oh this. You need change Obsidian oscillator to "Sample" and they there will be possibility to "load sample"

    check this tutorial, with basis obsidian samoling workflow

    you should also check manual, it gives you basic understaning

    And this for Slate

    and manual for slate:

  • Thanks for the replies fellas. I’ll get to work and on this tonight. When I checked the manual for this it was too basic and I was lost as to where to do the actual loading portion. Thanks a bunch. Hopefully this is all I need! Side note; they should have put out the iOS content such as audio tracks etc before releasing the iPhone version imo. But, I get it..gotta make a profit. Once it supports that and IAA I’ll be in great shape. I like the workflow. Again thanks a ton.

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