The easiest way to plug into Auria for mastering?

What would be the best , do you think? MIx down individual tracks in NS2 and then export them into audia tracks in auria or find a way to direct plug into it and multitrack record? Thanks.


    • audio tracks
  • Depends on which app you prefer to mix in. I use Auria for mastering a final single .wav file for the entire NS mix, as I prefer to do my mixing in NS (and mixdown/bounce to the single .wav file in NS to be used in Auria.)

  • It’s whatever environment you prefer. You could mix down stems, that’s what I would do if I wanted to take it outside.
    I’ll be doing all my mixing internally from now on, the built in e.q and fx are great to my ears.

  • Thanks. Just figured out both are possible as you can mix down solo tracks only if you want. It will depend on the project I guess. But for some instances, I am sure I will want to use Pro R for example.

  • I though fabfilter we’re starting to port some of their plugins to AUv3, but yes if you need something specific then there’s plenty of ways to export.

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