Maximum BPM

Hello, I don’t own the Nano Studio, but before buying, I need to make sure of 2 things :
1. What is the maximum bpm for a project ?
2. I want to be sure I can import a multi track midi files and then use Nano Studio midi out function to drive hardware synths and drum machine.

Thanks !


  • edited February 17

    1/ bmp range is 20 - 999

    2/ yes definitely.. NS imports multitrack midi files including time signature and tempo changes.. every track in NS then can be, usin "External MIDI" instrument sent tomselected midi port / channel.. you can apply also latency compensation idependently on each track for fine tuninh of syns with external hw (up to +/- 50 ms)

    Just for now NS doesn't send MIDI clock / MMC (it's on todo list) - only notes and CC's.

  • Thanks so much for this quick answer. No midi clock is a little of a pain, but I can work around that. Most important for me is the BPM.

  • @Francis NS supports Link - some people mentioned app “Link to MIDI” app which can translate from Link to MIDI clock as workaround, but no idea how it is reliable, didn’t tried it

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