General thanks for the beautiful work you did on this instrument!

Since it came out I been slowly starting to use NS2 more and more, There isnt a single time that I open this ap where I dont find myself with a big smile on my face. The thought that you put into it is obvious. We all knew it would be the work of a clear perfectionist based upon your work on NS1, but every day I find new little clever things you did to make things cleaner and easier to navigate, less clutter, no going back and forth and around and around in odd mess confusing workflows that ios is famous for. Like so many other people would say, NS1 was the first app where I was really truely productive on ios. I just wanted to say thanks, I really look forward to spending much more time in this ui, its soooo easy to use.


  • Matt will be chuffed to hear this. :)

  • I agree this app is so intuitive and deep and makes creating music so much fun. Once this gets audio recording it's going to be fantastic.

  • Seconded. It's absolutely outstanding. I will say it languished on my iPad for a while after using it for a bit upon release, but that was because I was overwhelmed by everything I was seeing. Now paired with a midi controller and external sequencer it's totally clicked and I don't have an interest in using anything else.

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    Don't forget guys to put 5* short review in AppStore if you like NS, this is really best thing you can do for Matt and future app development ;-)

    And to share music in Nanostudio songs megathread ;-)

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