Midi controller assignments for the mixer are not saved with project

When setting the faders and panning for the mixer channels to an external controller the assigned values go back to the default values when the project is reloaded.

Ive tried this with various iPads and different controllers, Novation Circuit and Korg NanoKontrol with the same result, I set the mixer volume to be controller by an external midi controller, I save the project and then when I reopen the project the midi assignment for the mixer volume reverts back to the default value of cc 7.

Ive tried learning the controller value and assigning directly but neither way is retained by saving after a project is reloaded. The volume control can be assigned to the controller but it's never saved. Other assignable controllers for example the knobs for Obsidian ARE saved and retained after reloading a project so this only applies to mixer settings

How to reproduce.
(Connect midi controller)
Open NS2
Start new project
Go to mixer view and double tap on a channel title to do to settings
Change the assignment for volume from default value 7 to something else
Save project
Close NS2
Open NS2
Open the settings for the channel and the midi assignment has for volume has reverted back to the default of cc 7

This problem also applies to cc mappings assigned to audio fx send volume

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