Clone slate tracks

In NS1 I used a lot the feature to clone a TRG track and then have a new instrument but with all samples already loaded. Is there something similar to that in NS2? Could not find anything in the manual.


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    it is just about cloning Slate settings (== bank) or do you want duplicate while track including track insert effects ??

    if just Slate, you can Copy-Paste whole kit between Slate instances (in hamburger menu, switch from "pad" to "kit" and then "copy", swith to other slate and at same place "paste"... so add new Slate track and then copy-paste whole kit is clisest you can go to "duplicate"

    true "duplicate" of whole track (including all its child tracks, routings, track settings -including insert FXs) is on todo list buy i guess it will be not add anytime soon because with complexity you can have with all audio/midi routings this is pretty big task...

    Btw regarding insert FX - you can save whole FX chain on one channel an realosd it in other channel..

  • @dendy That’s exactly what I was looking for, thanks a million! It’s more klicks than in NS1 where you only needed to press + but still better than reload all samples manually.

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