Patterning2 work around.

So I’ve been wanting to use patterning with N2 and I came up with this quick work around for creating loops. I used a midi out track and made a seq of 8 bars. I added a note (c4) to the first beat of the seq and then one clear down at the end using 1/128 grid. I opened patterning 2 and went into midi assign and set the play button to C4. Now when N2 starts that first note starts the patterning seq and the last note stops it but since N2 is on loop it immediately restarts it again!. If you only put one note at the beginning it stops playing on 2nd loop, plays on 3rd,stops on 4th 😂 Now I cane loop and adajust things around on both programs to my liking and it’s in sync (not the boy band). I figure I can later export the drum loops and throw them into N2 🙌 Maybe there is an easier or better way but this is working for now. I’m still not sure how to work the korg iOS synths in but that’s another day.


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