Is there interest for official NS2 Discord channel ?

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There exists some unofficial NS2 channels on discords, but of course it is always better to have own, official communication channel .. we are considering creating official one, if there is demand for such communication platform. Is there anybody interested for that, is there anybody using Discord for realtime chat communication ?


  • Nope. I’m in Slack constantly for work and don’t need another one :lol:

    It’s so much easier to find good information in thread form. It’s eternal. Personally, I would never hang out in discord.

  • i see it same way .. was just curious, last year i was active in cryptocurrency comunity and there was Discord used a lot ...

    I agree that forum is much better..

  • For tech support stuff one on one? Sure, it’s quick and interactive. I personally just don’t have enough cycles to get interrupted all day long. I have to get in the zone to be productive to make money to feed my family!

  • This forum is fine for me.

  • You won’t see me on Discord. So maybe it’s not such a bad idea after all.

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    nah.. i want to see you cause you have often good ideas ;-)

    anyway.. looks like discord is totally uninteresting form of communication for this community :) Which is good, less work for us :)

  • Yah like @drez I tried a Discord for about a minute, got Slackbacks to work and ran screaming.

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    As I feel way more comfortable writing here rather than in the audiobus 'official nanostudio thread' ... there'd be much to say about what's going on over there, but all I'd like to comment on is how much I'm digging @drez's musicality :-)
    'A day off' in 'Six years' ;) ... comparing those songs the evolvement of the melody sequences and the advancement of the compositions that are developed, definitely show the experience and sophistication of your musicianship.

  • @Stanley_V thank you so much for saying that about my music. I really appreciate it. I’ve been playing for 45 years through many different stages of life and I am blown away by the ease at which we are blessed to create with this magical iPads and phones wherever we want. I am greatly influenced by my surroundings when I write and things like NS2 allow me to fuel that fire in very unique places. Going anywhere and letting creativity happen is a true joy in my life.

    I’ve got another tune cooking and hopefully I’ll be able to share it soon.


  • I'm in the chorus of 'not for me' singers. The low, off key part of the chorus.

    Similar to @drez, I use Slack for work all day and that's already more than enough real time communication for me.

    Actually, let's get rid of the forum entirely and go all 1994 with a list-serv. "I miss those impossible to follow threads" said no one, ever.

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