problem with Automation parameters values as reported on the UI (for AU instrument)

Hi, when you set a macro knob on a position, read its value number (for example, knob 1 -filter cutoff, 0,65), and then open the automation window to select the Pencil tool and place a point in order to match the value of your macro knob, I noticed that wherever you draw the point, its value (written just aside of the point) always corresponds to the macro knob value. Even if you macro knob shows 0,8 and then you draw your point at the bottom of the window, which should correspond to a value of 0,1, it indicates 0,8.
Much annoying, when you select a automation point and then move in vertically, its value never changes, the number always show the number when you first drew it. This is very weird and in some specific situations it really kills the setups of your automations.
You could find it strange that I want to work with automations this way, and tweak my knobs while recording and then go to the automation window to refine the values. Let’s say that with some AU instruments, like Mersenne of Kronecker, when a tiny change of a parameter value happens when a note is playing messes the sound. And since the latch mode doesn’t keep its role as it should, my solution is to tweak and set all my macro knobs when the sequencer is not playing, and when I’m happy with my setup, I check the knobs value and then I draw it in the automation window....


  • that's definitely bug, good catch, wondering nobody noticed it till yet (including beta testers !!)

    it should definitely work same way like in obsidian - you draw point, you see it's value

  • Is this a problem with other AU, or just Mersenne?

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    @SlapHappy said:
    Is this a problem with other AU, or just Mersenne?

    This is not related to any particular plugin, it's bug in automation editor of nanostudio's AU instument ...

  • @SlapHappy said:
    Is this a problem with other AU, or just Mersenne?

    Yes, it’s a problem with every AU instrument plugins. Like @dendy says, every AU instruments should behave like Obsidian, which shows the right value number which corresponds to its related macro knob, and more important, when you move an automation point, its value number changes to match its course and its position.

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