Project page: Import, Export and Edit always greyed out

The title says it all. These 3 functions on the project page are always greyed out.
What am I doing wrong?

Sorry for a maybe stupid question from a Nanostudio newbie.



  • edited April 28

    You mean in Project > Load screen.

    Import / Export -> they are available just in "Archived" tab, where you can export archived project to external storage or import them from external storage.

    So if you want export project, first archive it, then go to "Archived" and there will be "export" available (if you select that file or more files).

    Edit is active just in "Projects > Mixdowns > Previous" where is list of all your previous mixfowns - it opens WAV file in build in wav editor. But also double tap on that file does same thing.

  • Ok, thanks a lot! :)

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