NS2 song does not export to my iOS files.

I recently purchased and am enjoying NS2. I have made my first song and archived it. On the archive page, I hear it play when I touch the arrow next to the song title. I open the file browser (3 dots) and choose export. I then choose Save To Files > iCloud Drive. When I go to my files app, the NS2 image is there with the MB data and date, but when I touch the image, no sound. I used to use Cubasis, and at this point, I would touch the Cubasis icon and a player page would open where I could hear the song.
Also I have mailed the file to my email account and when opening the email and touch NS2 icon, I get a Safari error warning of no download.
Sorry to go on, but want you to see the steps I take. Thanks for any help you can offer.


  • What exactly you want to achieve ?

    1/ export mixdown (audio file - wav) of your project ? In this case uze "Mixdown" instead of "Archive" - after mixdown is finished tap on "View file" and from there use 3dots menu to export wav file

    2/ backup your project - this is what "Archive" does - it packs your project together with all used non-factory and non-IAP samples

    In Apple Files app you then see results of those actions like in screenshot bellow. Result of mixdown (wav file) starts play after you tap it, result of archiving saves this archived project into Nanostudio's "Archive" folder (it's file with *.nsa extension) - but doesn't load it. It just opens NS, saves project to "Archived" folder and notifies you that this happeneed (dialogue in top navigation bar). Now if you want load this project, choose "Load" in right menu and then awitch to "Archived" at right side - there is your file imported from Files app.

  • Thanks Dendy for getting back to me, appreciate it. I will give this a go later today.

  • My NS2 song does export to my iOS files. Thank you Dendy, it works just fine. Your clarification was all I needed. All the best to you.

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